Build a Powerful Test Management and Requirement System in Jira Cloud

Jira + Cloud + TestRay = The perfect trifecta for your test management and requirement solutions.

Cloud based TestRay is a test management and requirement system which leverages the flexibility and extensibility of Jira and cloud based functionality. Business, Development and Testing teams can now see, work, collaborate and track the entire process from concept to market, all from inside Jira. No need to manage in different systems across multiple platforms with multiple team members. TestRay makes it easy to in one place without complicated integration.

Key TestRay Cloud Features


Cloud Base Plugin

Seamless Integration with with any JIRA edition and version and dozens of other cloud based test and requirement tool.


Simplified release process
End-to-end traceability in the software lifecycle means no disruption, a shorter release cycle, and faster time-to-market.


Deep features ≠ deep pockets
There’s no need for another test management tool.


Incredible insight
View your development and test workflows from inside Jira.


Greater productivity
Track all DevOps efforts in a single tool. Greater visibility means greater productivity.


Enhanced collaboration
Productivity is maximized when efforts are shared between teams. Testray fosters collaboration, all within Jira!