From JIRA to Salesforce and back as Easy as 1, 2, 3

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Hello and welcome to another Goldfinger Software (part of Goldfinger Holdings) simple tutorial. In this tutorial, we will review the installation of Goldfinger’s CRM plugin for JIRA to manage communications between your CRM and your Jira application. You can use Goldfinger’s CRM plugin with multiple CRM software apps such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and Sugar CRM. It is unnecessary to install our plugin various times; a single installation can handle multiple CRM apps at once.

If you don’t already have a license key, please click the “Try It Free” button and submit a request form. We will send you an email with your free 30-day license within 24 hours, and if you have any issues installing our app, our support team (CRM Support portal) will be happy to assist you.


Log in as admin in Jira server or Jira Data Center. Click on the gear in the top right upper corner, and from the dropdown menu, select “manage apps.” On the left sidebar of the “Atlassian Marketplace for Jira,” click “Find new apps” in the search field (see image), enter the following search parameter “Salesforce Integration Plugin for JIRA,” then click on the “Search Results” button. Scroll down until you see our plugin and click the blue install button. After you start the installation, you will see a popup screen to confirm app installation; you will click on the “Accept & Install” button.


When the CRM plugin is complete, you will see new menu items (we will visit those in future blogs). Click on “Initial Setup.” In the initial setup panel, enter:

“license key”, your CRM username and your CRM password + token


Map the Jira and CRM fields using the “Set Screens” button next to each of the input fields in the “JIRA Custom Fields” section of the initial setup panel.

Click the “Update Settings” button and start flowing data back and forth between Jira and your CRM.

To obtain a free, no-obligation, full-featured 30-day trial key, visit and clicking on the “Try It Free” button)

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