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Powering Innovation 


Goldfinger Software offer solutions that maximize the potential of teams working in Agile and DevOps-driven environments. Our products enable organizations to deliver software faster and more reliably, driving improved business outcomes.

Goldfinger’s Software Suite offers integration solutions. This suite of products provides low-maintenance, high-value solutions to extend the power of your mission-critical applications to scale collaboration, improve quality, mitigate security risk, and unify value creation and delivery across the application lifecycle. 

JIRA Server
JIRA Data Center
JIRA Cloud

Connect automatically to SalesForce,

Microsoft Dynamics: CRM, & SugarCRM


Connect JIRA Server , Data Center, or Cloud
to your CRM app automatically


  • ServiceNOW

  • Financials

  • Logistics

  • Message trafficking

  • Internet of Things (IoT)

  • Planning tools & open API to enable tools in planning, coding, testing, building, monitoring, releasing, and deploying

Build a Powerful Test Management
& Requirement System in JIRA

TESTRAY'S plugin for Requirements & Test is a management system which leverages the flexibility and extensibility of JIRA. Business, Development and Testing teams can now see, work, collaborate and track the entire process from concept to market, all from inside JIRA. No need to manage in different systems across multiple platforms with multiple team members.  TestRay makes it easy to in one place without complicated integration.

(Formerly synapseRT)

Enterprise-class  security and access
across Atlassian products

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